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Cylinder Head and Engine Parts Source

Expert Cylinder Head Remanufacturing

Allied Motor Parts has over 150 years of experience in remanufacturing light truck and automotive cylinder heads. Within our 25,000 square foot plant located just south of Atlanta, we have a large selection of cylinder heads for sale to cover most makes and models. We also have custom building options available for any obsolete or late model heads that you may have trouble locating.

The machinists at Allied Motor Parts are experienced cylinder head remanufacturers, and can offer most foreign and domestic heads at very competitive prices.

Every head goes through detailed cleaning, machining, and expert reassembly before being thoroughly tested. All of our cylinder heads are assembled to OEM specifications or better to guarantee your satisfaction.

Call Allied Motor Parts, your expert cylinder head remanufacturers, at 1-877-676-8322 today to get started on the cylinder head rebuilding process!

Quality Cylinder Head Processing

Our pride is your best insurance in receiving the quality you deserve. All work is done on our premises and starts with a complete tear-down and thorough inspection of every head entering our shop. After a complete evaluation of all components, it’s on to our state-of-the-art, 3-step thermal cleaning system and magnafluxing; followed by our unique pressure testing tank which checks for final hidden cracks and imperfections.

At this point, the head enters the second stage of our high tech machine shop where ASE certified machinists and technicians handle the precise stages of restoration to ensure you of superior workmanship and quality every time. CBN resurfacing is performed to eliminate the possibility of head warpage, and valve seats are triple angle high performance cut. Each valve is machine dressed at the stem and face, conforming with OEM specs. All springs are tension tested, and worn rocker studs are replaced when necessary.

In addition, new freeze plugs, pollution plugs, valve keepers, and valve seals are installed. The cylinder head is then vacuum tested to ensure proper seating of all valves. Specifications and technical updates are readily available with our AERA data program. This information is utilized during the remanufacturing process to ensure accuracy at all times. Only after a final inspection are heads stamped with an inspector’s stamp, packed, and shelf stored in our climate controlled inventory area.

All this and more, linked with the courteous and friendly service you receive equals the pride put into the quality you deserve. Highlights of our cylinder head services include:

  • Over 2,000 available
  • All makes and models
  • Repair or exchange
  • Aluminum welding
  • Cast iron welding
  • CBN and PCD resurfacing
  • Crack repair
  • Triple angle valve work

Cylinder Head Rebuilding Process

1. Initial Inspection: As a unit comes to our shop, we will give it an initial inspection to determine if there are any reasons the head should not proceed to the rebuilding process. This inspection can quickly catch problems such as cracks, casting damage, and other situations that would halt the rebuilding procedure for that particular casting.

2. Teardown: Teardown is also important to the initial inspection process as the cylinder head is disassembled because you can determine other areas of potential damage to the casting. The parts and cylinder head are separated and go through different cleaning processes.

3. Cleaning Process: We use several different processes to clean cylinder heads.

  • Cast Iron Heads: Cast Iron heads are cleaned in a thermal cleaning system. They are baked at 600° to reduce and oils into an ash, and are then put in a steel shot machine to give them a nice brilliant finish.
  • Aluminum Heads: Aluminum heads are either baked at a lower temperature, or put into a high-pressure wash. They are also glass beaded to give them a brilliant finish.

4. Head Inspection: After cleaning heads, they are then pressure tested or magnaflux to determine any cracks. All bolt holes and valve guides, in addition to the valve seat and other parts of the head, are inspected for damage such as broken bolts, broken taps, cracked guides, and other impairments. Straightness and cam bore wear is also checked.

5. Machining: All cylinder heads have guides installed to meet OE conditions. They are resurfaced to far exceed factory specifications on surface finish. Three angle valve job is performed to achieve a valve seat runout of less than .001. Valves are ground to make a perfect seal between the valve and valve seat.

6. Assembly: All heads have new OE style valve guide seals installed. Springs are tested to insure proper seat pressures. Valve seat sealing is checked with a vacuum to ensure an air tight fit between the valve and the valve seat. Lifters are bled and rebuilt to accomplish zero lash after startup of the engine. Cams are polished and clearances are checked twice to meet OE oil clearances.

7. Final Inspection: Heads are visually inspected. The surface finish, lash, bolt holes, and all other areas are inspected to ensure a quality cylinder head.

If you have any further question regarding our cylinder head services or how to get a quality cylinder head, contact us at 1-877-676-8322!